Can You Really Find property valuer?

August 7, 2016 0 By annandlealmcove75

Im for their area so its these are a little bit more traffic and high-touch than that they have a lot of stuff but you doesnt have to cost money you done after thank you you know its just like whatever we left seller while were on the market the first thing we do a set up a search up what a buyer that is looking for their house would look like so that every time a competing listing or something comes on the market it notified seller so that there are we staying in touch with the market and the cool part about those in the last month they think that youre having to sit down and send it every time so theyre impressed that you can stay on to pall right lets talk about so leads on on Craigslist for you you mentioned well in the second sidewalk will come something thats before on this particular slide take me through a what sections on Craigslist are you post in these kind have up ads is it didnt talk about this particular at right here that were looking at so this funny is are thinking of selling weve got buyers for just a seconda screenshot of our I market leader database using a program called Snag it.

Ill and that we are able to blur out a client names and contact info and at that law and photographic thats thank you sell it weve got buyers A and what was interesting is in the beginning we just press to this and be areal estate for sale such at the a thats real estate services section Im we got a lot of traffic to Key West we had to post every day or every other every couple days and keep the out alive Im for about a year before we could really say.

I have this works pretty well we get we get a couple you know listings Europes Im and what we really found the power in lastis we would take this and against you know scotch tape this to the front doorfor sale by owners that we couldnt get about self Valuations NSW we were trying to call armor maybe it was expired listing we would take yes just stick it on the front door with Scotch tape with with a business card or something and so for them theyre gone number one thing objection you get from for sale by owners expires is hey you know where were you when my house was on the market or if you have afire why dont you bring Imand so we shot like we have buyers we just need you give us the authority tomarket to our databasethat will do it you guys ever would you ever like row theya his bow cuz.

I market leader has like a deal where you can said the listing outto people do you ever use thatlike to say hey Ive got people here and if you let meyou know with your house like we would send this out to to our databaseyeah theres you there sometimes that wont be a little bit brave without Ican remember one instance in particular last year where I just knew thatall that it would take was my photographer andgetting the thing on the MLS for a weekend that wed get stalledand side literally signed a seven day listing agreementand I said look just met you with the next seven days on the stand that mightuse butthe blast a listing tool for market leader and put it near my lastwe ended up double ending that the transaction to someonein our existing database.

Im like three days on the marketso absolutely use as much as possibleso you guys the so this strategy thenow not everybody has a database with for people to but you have a databasewith people were there or four hundred or your somethingutilizing kinda the power view database to say heyIve got people that would potentially buyer houses you you got to do with themCraigslist so that youre also felt like just going out the house is aits taken this they got peoples door.