Month: September 2017

Turn Your Valuation Into A High Performing Machine

September 25, 2017 0

If the listeners can do that great if the listeners can’t-do that I would suggest that they should be able to do that sooner rather than later because good to know my next point I think is if you don’t have your house in order.

10 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Valuation

Dinan versity property because I said it before leverages a friend an awful enemy if you’re a bad money manager before you invest in property’s only going to amplify how bad you are when you have an investment property because you going to ramp up the adrenaline going to ramp up the risk you’re going to ramp up the leverage and the basics of understanding cash flow management you’ve said it a hundred times bhp doesn’t go and invest in a new line with.


That full cash flowing in if you haven’t fully cash flowed what your lifestyle looks like a complicatedquantifying go and buy a new aircraft they can’t work out how many bums on seats they’re going to get and basically got them to work that they’re going to make a profit on borrowing the money to get that aircraft in the sky so you know big business does it for a great reason you know and that’s why they’re big business because they’ve been successful the planning so if you don’t plan and planning for.

How You Can (Do) Valuation In 24 Hours Or Less For Free

Anything around property and leverage is all about cash flows yeah so a tip for the listeners and were very very close to providing a tool for them to help them understand that very thing so stand by standing well as I said there’s a lot of things that I’m working on I’m doing less endless client day-to-day interactions and long lunches and fly fish I wish we’redoing more around obviously trying.

To develop an excellent systems processes and client portals and all of that type of stuff and you know money smarts and trying to teach people how to do that so yeah we’ll be excited you know I’d love to say to be really byChristmas and that’s why I’m sort of stepping away from doing the day that I client work to try and work.

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